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Sunday, 15-Jul-2007 23:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Glasgow River Festival

Went to the Glasgow River Festival today with Fairuz and Zack. Best gak la coz snapped lots of photos. Glasgow River Festival (GRF) is an annual festival held here in Glasgow on the River Clyde and its banks over Glasgow Fair weekend. This year, the festival was held on 14-15 July. It is a great event for those who are into ships and boats and other maritime stuff specifically and those who enjoy great day's out generally. Held at the Clyde Waterfront, not only you can see the historical landmarks of Glasgow such as the Tall Ship but you also get to enjoy some of Glasgow’s more modern architectures such as the Glasgow Science Centre and the Clyde Auditorium.

Landmarks aside, there are loads of boats, ships and other floating vessels of all shapes and sizes throughout this festival, some of which taking part in races while others are for display. You can even climb aboard for a look around on some of them, which has historical significance one way or another such as the MV Kyles, the Pole Star etc for free. There is also Zapcat racing, which is pretty fast and exciting and is part of the Zapcat National Championships. You could even go for powerboat rides, try rowing and sail on board the steam engine boats. They mentioned duck races as well but did not see any while we were there. Oh we also saw a demonstration of how Bells Bridge, one of the bridges on River Clyde can be swung to let tall ships pass.

Meanwhile, on the riverbanks and around the Science Centre, there is also loads of entertainment happening – funfair, bands, crafts etc. There was this huge ballooned up slide that I would love to get on but I was too old for it. *sigh*. More info on the festival here.

Free SPT(local bus company) shuttle buses were provided throughout the festival weekend. There were regular departures from several locations within the city center and also outwith Glasgow. We boarded.. chewaah we got on one of these buses at West George Street, in front of the Queen Street Station. Surprisingly there was no queue at all. Since it is one of the double decker buses, we took this opportunity to sit right in front on the top floor. Feels a bit like on a roller coaster ride.

We arrived at Clyde Waterfront just before 1 pm. There was already a huge crowd there. So, without wasting any time, snap snap snap. Weather was great (but photos look gloomy somehow..hmm) and I had a lot of fun.

photos coming soon

Sunday, 8-Jul-2007 22:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Picnic at Kelvingrove Park

Arrived at Kelvingrove Park (depan art gallery)
at about 8 pm
belum sampai park dah start makan
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Alang2 dah ada kereta and cuaca lawa, kiterorg decide gi picnic kat Kelvingrove Park. Kelvingrove is 10 minutes drive away kat West End. Beautiful Park. We left for picnic at 7.30pm, can u believe it? Since pagi dah penat petik strawberry, mlm nih kiterorg makan strawberries lak. Masih manis.
yummilicous as usual. This time kiterorg ada additional member, Miss Ley-Ha..hehehe best sebab dia ni pun suka posing. So sambil picnic ptg tuh sempat gak posing as usual.

Menu for picnic is almost extremely healthy. We had:

2.Tesco Value Oranges
3.Tesco Apple Finest
4.Tesco Hoeny Roasted Cashew and peanuts
5.Tesco Peach Flavoured Sparkling Drink.

As you can see we are loyal customers orf Tesco..hehehe

Kali ni picnic x kesejukan macam picnic kat Glasgow Green. We stayed till about 9pm. Next target is to have a bbq soon.

Sunday, 8-Jul-2007 11:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pick Your Own (PYO) Strawberries

Bestnyer makan strawberry kat strawberry farm
I can stay here all day
Pass me the starberry please..kids dont do this!
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After 7 years of dreaming of picking my own strawberries, I finally did it this morning. Yeay! That's another dream came true. The lucky farm chosen to host my first experience is the Boghall Farm (Dunno why I find this name kelakar) . Why this farm? Sebab tu jer yg listed under PYO for Stirlingshire which is the nearest to Glasgow. For others who are interested to go for a PYO can go here.

The farm is a mere 40 minutes away but with our F1 driver, Fairuz, we took less than that..hehehe. Zack dipaksa ikut but I think he enjoyed the experience. At the farm ada currants (red and black), gooseberries, other berries, raspberries, strawberries, other vegetables. Tapi kiterorg petik strawberries jer and kind to think of it actually spent more time taking photos rather than picking the strawberries.. . Tapi strawberries dia manis. Sedap sangat. Banyak gak la melantak sambil petik tuh.

Thank you Fairuz and zack for the company and for the great photos. .

...gambar in no particular order

Thursday, 28-Jun-2007 23:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Brother's Graduation

Star of the day
Walking to the college
Dah sampai Corpus Christi
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Star of the day: My brother
Supporting stars: My dad, My mum and myself
Guest stars: Alden and Eskandarian

My brother graduated with flying colours today and I am so proud of him! Welcome to the working world,bro. and may your series of success continues.

The ceremony started off with a garden tea party at Corpus Christi College. After about two hours of mingling,posing and networking, the graduates and guests are sent to the senate house where the actual graduation ceremony took place. Unfortunately, strictly no photography in there (but sempat jer curi2 amik gambar..ada org kena tegur but moi terlepas..hahahaha).

It was truly a unique (not to mention amusing too) experience, witnessing a Cambridge graduation. It's definitely nothing like mine three years ago. The ceremony was conducted in Latin but the best part is that the Chancellor lupa script (saper suruh buat in Latin) and have to refer to the text every now and then..hehehe.

Sunday, 3-Jun-2007 21:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Isle of Arran

Me buying tickets
Then tunggu train platform di-'announce'
Train arrived on time and departed at 8:33 sharp
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Yesterday, we finally made it to Isle of Arran. A trip that has been postponed too many times. Unfortunately, weather was not on our side but since the internet connection in the halls has been acting up real bad for almost two days, and library closes at 12 noon on saturdays (mcm pergi pun ), we decided to go anyway.

We bought an all inclusive ticket from Glasgow to Brodick Castle on Isle of Arran for only £15.30 day return. It was one of the Great Days Out of Glasgow offer. The ticket includes train ticket from Glasgow Central Station to Ardrossan Harbour. Then a ferry ticket from Ardrossan Harbour to Brodick, Isle of Arran and the open roofed top bus from the jetty to the castle. But apparently, the printed the wrong tickets for us and the one we had do not cover the bus but they let us ride it for free anyways.

The island really represents the contryside of Scotland. So beautiful. I am sure it is more beautiful on a sunny day. On the isle we visited the brodick castle, walked in the country park and stopped by the Adventure Land (where we practised teh panning shots). Then went to see how an Arran cheese is made. But they were at the end of the process already. So, missed that but, we still get the free cheese tasting session. In the end i bought one. Smoked Garlic cheddar. Yummy! We also tried the local made ice cream. Sedaap.

They have Arran brewery too with free wine tasting but we didnt go there. We did go to Arran Aromatics (local made skincare and candles) and lepak at the Brodick town. In Brodick town sempat main 18 holes putting game..hahaha my first experience. So here are some of the photos taken during the trip.

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